Welcome to Snowden Community Civic Association.

Our focus is keeping families informed about issues that directly affect the well being of our community.  Given the nature and speed of events in and around our community, it becomes imperative that modern and comprehensive communications become a paramount improvement issue among us.

Our ancestors labored hard to purchase and maintain the lands we call Snowden. We believe we must work just as hard to maintain the integrity of the community for ourselves and for future generations. We seek relevant input from those inside and those living outside of the Snowden Community to help us to remain strong and viable.

Our community consists of over 300 homes where everyone is related. We are the largest family community east of the Cooper River from Mount Pleasant to George Town SC with an area of about 400 acres. Our ancestors began purchasing the properties, that we now call Snowden, during the latter part of the 19th century after the Civil War. Thanks to their hard work and wisdom, we are still here and we welcome you to Snowden, the community

Our community center has been renovated over the last few years to make it possible for the community to hold social events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, family reunions and cultural events... (read more)

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